Me: Gosh… why i keep farting today? 

Girl: Maybe your tummy is practicing cheers since daddy coming home today (from biz trip)… 3 cheers for daddy … POOT POOT POOT!



Two weeks ago…
I was stretching myself while sitting on the couch, watching tv with the girl, and I noticed something obscene..

Me: OMG!! WHY my tummy so big now??????
Girl in her usual calm voice: Is this the part that I should tell you, “Congratulations? Is it a baby brother or baby sister I’m going to have?” *giggles*
Me: -_-”

Two days later…
Again, I was sitting on that same couch, eating my favorite Doritos chips… (Man… those chips are addictive!)
Boy came up to me and said, “Mama, u shouldn’t eat any more chips. Your tummy is very big already.

I was lying down on the same couch, watching my favorite NCIS show…
Kentang 爸爸 (my DH) came up to me, and with a evil grin… “I believe in retribution. Look at your tummy!!! I think U should watch exercise channel instead!”, he said.

Ma De!!! #$)(^*)(*#$#
My tummy is not that big lah! It’s just pre-menstruation bloated-ness, CAN OR NOT!! *ROAR*

Maybe I need to cut down on snacks…

Snacks… snacks…. snacks…
I think we still have some shrimp crackers in the snack box! Hmm….

kentang 爸爸 – 步步惊心篇

Yes, I too, like many of my blogger friends, caught the “步步惊心” bug.

It has been a long while since I am so crazy about anything! DH said he has never seen me “worked so hard” after college days. And I agree! LOL!!

I completed the whole drama series in 3 days, finished reading the entire novel in another 3 days and spent some more time watching any related news reports and video clips. I am so obsessed that I even called my dear husband, “四爷!”, which he finds it very amusing! LOL!

Anyway, my Kentang hubby had absolutely no clue why I kept calling him “四爷” and below conversation took place when i first called him that name….

Me: 四爷, you are back (from work)!! 四爷吉祥! (complete with a Chinese way of curtsey)
DH: -_-” simi sai?? What did u call me again?
Me: 四爷, you are my 四爷 lor!
DH: Hmm… (in serious tone) I’m NOT your 爷爷!! I’m your 老公!
(I almost died from laughing too much!!)
Me: Of course I’m not calling you my ah gong (grandfather) lah!!! Haha!! 四爷 means 四王爷 and that means a Prince lah! LOL


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See you there!

my little girl a first grader now!

*Backdated post*
Can’t believe how time flies! My little girl is now a first grader! *tears of joy*


Sometimes I can be a bit of a drama mama. A week before school term started, I was the one with the “back-to-school” jitters and separation anxiety. :oops: I was in such bad mood that I couldn’t bring myself to do anything at all. Because this would be the first time that my daughter will be away from me for more than 3 hours and not having lunch at home with me when she is at school. The thought of not having her around me most of the time, really made me anxious. :(

Anyway, I’m so glad that my beloved DH saw that and planned an impromptu weekend getaway trip to Vermont to let us all relax and enjoy the last few days of our summer vacation. (Thank you, dear!) After the wonderful trip (will try to blog about it soon), I was able to pull my acts together and plan something nice for the big girl to welcome the new school year with her. (Yes, it is a big deal!!)

The day before school, I took my little vainpot to get some new dress and shirts so that she would at least be excited about wearing new dress to school. :) Then, of course, to make her first lunch experience at school a good one, I made her a sushi bento and also sent in a simple heart shape origami lunch box note along with it. This little girl absolutely loves to receive a lunchbox note from me. :)

So, the “big day” came and went. When I picked her up from school in the mid afternoon, the excited first grader couldn’t stop talking about how much fun she had on her first day school and how she enjoyed her lunch. Aww…

I feel so happy and relieved to know that my girl has a great start of school. :)



可爱的kentang爸爸, 因为小孩和我的关系, 也学会唱了一些(旧)华文流行歌曲.

今天心血来潮, 唱了张宏亮张洪量的成名歌曲 -“你知道我在等你吗”.

唱到了’你知道我在等你吗?’的部分, 竟然停了下来.

然后很认真的对着我们说:”What is this?! 这歌太不对了!! 为什么他在等我的妈妈?!!!!!!他等我的妈妈做什么??!!! Aiyo, 为什么华语歌都一样的… 那个… hmm…”客人来”的歌.. 也是很糟糕! 为什么爸爸不在家, 还要来我的家? 搞什么的!! Tsk tsk tsk… ”

女儿– 笑翻了…
儿子 — 因为听不懂, 毫无反应…
我– 欲哭无泪…

This is what will happen…

1. when you ask the man to comb the boy’s hair…

He will look like a Cheena man.

2. when you ask the girl to do her own hair.

She will look like a siao chabor.

LOL :lol:


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